Results are calculated based on the scoring entered on the scoring sheet available on each court and returned at the end of the evening.  Team captains are required to ensure that the score sheet is completed after every game; failure to do so will result in a default.

Schedule – who moves up or down

Each court has 3 teams that play 1 game of 2 sets against each other team (i.e. 2 games or 4 sets per night). The court standing is based on the number of sets won. The team that won the most sets will move up one court towards Court 1, while the team that lost most sets will move down one court towards Court 6 and the other team will stay on the same court.

  • If there is a tie, the tie-breaker will be the calculation of the +/- for the tie teams;
  • If there is still a tie, the calculation of the +/- for all matches played in that court will be used;
  • If the tie persists, the tie-breaker will be the team with the higher cumulative standing last week.  In the first week, coin flip decides as there is no cumulative standing the previous week.


The final standing will be determined by the results of the last week of play.

The team statistics are not used to determine the standing. They are available for information only – the statistics do not influence the weekly schedule.

You can view the statistics in the order you want be clicking on the header.