Team registration

A waiting list will be available for all categories once full. We will use this list in the event of a cancellation or if a team does not pay within the prescribe timeline (within 2 weeks following the registration). Contact us for additional information.

Categories availability

More than 10!
More than 10!
More than 10!

Available to form a team or spare

If you are looking for people to form a team, or would like to be called to spare.  Fill in the information below to appear in the list on the Substitutes page (free).

Participants list

All teams must read, sign and return the Participants List to be sanctioned Volleyball NIKA League Members. The signed list needs to be submitted to league organizers prior to playing. It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure ALL players are made aware of the form before the start of the league.

Refusing to fill in this form will be considered a refusal to be covered under the insurance offered. Please be advised that we will not share any personal information with other groups or organizations. However, note that photos of players may be used to promote the league on the website.