Game Flow

The league runs from Monday to Wednesday starting the last week of May and last for 13 weeks. There are no games on July 1st only; no other holidays will affect game nights.

Key points

  • No glass containers will be allowed on site
  • All teams must fill in the participants list prior to playing
  • Games start at 6:30pm sharp and at 6:15pm in August
  • Participants shall leave the premises no later than 10:00pm
  • Players are asked to assist in the set-up and take-down of the equipment

Game format

  • Points are scored according to the Rally Point System. Every rally, one team wins a point. If the serving team wins a rally, it continues to serve. If the receiving team wins a rally, it must rotate and serve next
  • All sets are played first to 21 points; win by two (2) with a cap at 25 points
  • Each court has 3 teams that play 1 game of 2 sets against each other team (i.e. 2 games or 4 sets per night).  After each evening, winning teams move up one court towards Court 1 and losing teams move down one court towards Court 6
  • Teams not playing will act as scorekeepers and record the results on the score sheet provided
  • Team captains are required to ensure that the score sheet is completed after every game; failure to do so will result in a default
  • Players must call their own infractions (i.e. net violations, carries, open hand tips, etc.)
  • If a dispute over faults occurs, the scorekeeping team will be asked to provide the ruling otherwise no points are given
  • Any contact with the net is a fault regardless of where the net is touched
  • Male players cannot bloc nor attempt to bloc female players (contacting the ball at the net with one hand isn’t allowed)
  • For 2×2 and 4×4 divisions only:
    • Open handed tips are NOT allowed. The ball must be cleanly hit and not held or lifted or pushed or carried or thrown
    • When setting the ball over the net, the player must be squared to the direction of where he/she is putting the ball. Side-setting is only allowed when setting your team-mate
    • Male players must hit behind the 3m line. Stepping on the line is NOT allowed. When in front of the 3m line, male players cannot jump and the ball must have an obvious upward trajectory when sending it over the net
  • For 2×2 divisions only:
    • A touch off the block counts as one of the three contacts allowed per team
    • When setting the ball over the net, it must fall behind the 3m line

Late arrival penalty

Games start at 6:30pm sharp (6:15pm in August)! Teams must be present at the scheduled start time. Due to a tight schedule, if a team does not have the minimum number of players at the start of the match, a default will be given for that game as follows:

  • If arriving five (5) minutes after the scheduled starting time = loss of 1st set
  • If arriving fifteen (15) minutes after starting time = loss of the entire match
  • Two (2) defaults without prior notification will result in removal from the league with no refund of league fees. This is up to the discretion of the coordinator

Date and time

Games start at 6:30pm sharp (6:15pm in August)! For security reasons, all players shall leave the premises no later than 10:00pm.

The season last 13 weeks, from May to August. There are no games on July 1 only; no other holidays will affect game nights.

If it rains?

Cancellation due to rain will be displayed on every page of the website at the top right corner. The games will be cancelled no later than 5:30pm on the day of the league. All Players must show up for league night, unless informed otherwise. It is the captain responsibility to check the status of that day’s games.

Once one site, if the weather is uncertain or questionable, a group decision will be made to continue playing, or not, and what format to use. In case of thunder, for security reasons, games will be cancelled immediately.